Mary davis

"Anticipate beauty, believe in miracles, count on grace, decide on joy, expect peace."

I’ve been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. As the daughter of an artist, my eye was always drawn to the details that made my mother's paintings—the bright colors she used to illustrate her world, and the texture she gave even the most ordinary objects.

When my mom passed away, I was seven years old, and I would have done anything for more photos of her, of us together. I’ve valued photography for the beautiful, detailed moments it immortalizes ever since. Marrying that passion with my personal aesthetic and eye for detail has led me to pursue photography, and I love seeing the world through my lens

I work for—and learn from—my dear friend Brittany Sturdivant of LoveBe Photography. When I’m not shooting by her side or freelancing for friends and family, you’ll find me counseling patients in my Marriage and Family Therapy practice, hanging out at home with my husband, puppy, and two cats, or globetrotting!

photo by Eric Kelley